About OARS

Orlando Area Rowing Society is a not for profit corporation created to promote rowing as a sport at all levels of interest. To date, our crew is comprised of both masters, high school and middle school students; both men and women. Our student athletes represent Dr. Phillips High School, West Orange High School, Olympia High School, Ocoee High School, and a variety of private high schools in the area.

Crew is a sport that embodies grace, power and symmetry. It develops endurance, discipline, teamwork, and mental and physical toughness which builds relationships between the student athletes helping them learn to work together as a team. These are characteristics of the sport, which encourage the students to become involved in a positive, structured activity that instills a sense of well-being and confidence. These are the attributes which team members carry with them throughout life.

Through membership payments, fund raising and active participation of parent, masters and alumni members, OARS provides and maintains equipment and related items necessary for carrying out the sport of rowing; provides coaches needed to teach and improve technique and to advance the sport; and provides for transportation, lodging (when necessary), and nutritional needs of all athletes for regattas.

OARS high school athletes practice on a schedule established by the coaches; usually 4-5 days a week, depending on the level (novice or returner), for 2-3 hours per practice. Novice practice initially centers on strength and endurance training; after a few weeks they are introduced to the water and work on rowing techniques. Returner (2nd, 3rd or 4th year participants) rowers work on strength and endurance but get on the water earlier in the season than the novices. There are two "seasons" of rowing. The fall season consists of the training of novice athletes.

The novices do not compete during the fall rowing season. Returning rowers train and compete in "head" races during the fall. Head races are considerably longer than the 2000 meter races during "sprint" or spring season. The second season is the spring season which begins in January. All athletes will train on land, water and equipment for maximum effectiveness in a boat. Novices will actively participate in the spring season regattas. Athletes and parents will be provided with a schedule of regattas as the season approaches.

All parents of student athletes are members of OARS and as such are encouraged to actively participate in the organization. As members, parents/guardians will be provided with a copy of the Bylaws. Parents are invited to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and are not encouraged to have a voice in those meetings. However, only members of the Board of Directors are permitted to vote on any and all business that is brought before the Board